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Manchester City replace United as most valuable Premier League club

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Not just noisy neighbours

Ever since Sheikh Mansour took control of Manchester City back in 2008 the Citizens have had lofty ambitions of becoming one of the biggest clubs in world football. Now 11 years on and several pieces of silverware later, City have achieved their mission.

On the pitch they've been absolutely magnificent in that era, particular over the last couple of years under the guidance of Pep Guardiola. The Spaniard has transformed the ethos at the club and created one of the greatest Premier League sides of all time, with them on course to deliver back-to-back titles. That would see them become the first team since Manchester United back in 2009 to do so.

City fans have been in dreamland under Guardiola and the demise of their rivals United only aids that, with the Red Devils looking set to finish down in sixth position. United have struggled to adapt to the departure of club legend Sir Alex Ferguson which has had a big effect both on and off the pitch.

Manchester City EFL Cup
Manchester City are impressive both on and off the pitch

Fergie once described City as 'noisy neighbours' but now the blue half of Manchester have been branded as the Premier League's most valuable football club, according to a new football finance study.

The study by the University of Liverpool's Centre for Sports Business Group valued City at a massive £2.364bn, rising by £385m following their success in the 2017/18 campaign which saw them win both the Premier League & EFL Cup.

But in contrast to City's rise we've seen United's value plummet, with the Red Devils dropping by £376m to £2.087bn - still a ridiculously big amount. The two Manchester clubs are the only ones in the Premier League valued over £2bn.

The rest of the field

Away from the two financial power houses in the north west, Tottenham are perhaps surprisingly up in third position heading up the chasing pack.

The North Londoners come in at £1,837bn, following by Liverpool (£1,615bn), Chelsea (£1,615bn) and Arsenal (£1,368bn) - who find themselves behind the rest of the big six after missing out on Champions League football. The top six makes up a massive 74% of the overall total, with Burnley almost £1bn behind Arsenal.

The study by the University of Liverpool Centre for Sports Business calculated their data using revenue, profits, non-recurring costs, average profits on player sales over a three-year period, net assets, wage control and percentage of seats sold.

Sean Dyche Burnley
Burnley have been described as the most sensibly run club

Their research has City at the top courtesy of "higher revenue and lower wages". They made £39m in profit from player sales at the start of the previous campaign which also saw them remove some high earners from the wage bill.

"The ownership model of Sheikh Mansour, which effectively means that the club is debt free, means that there are no loan interest costs and no dividends are paid to shareholders either," the study added.

Premier League Club Values:

1. Manchester City - £2,364bn

2. Manchester United - £2,087bn

3. Tottenham Hotspur - £1,837bn

4. Liverpool - £1,615bn

5. Chelsea - £1,615bn

6. Arsenal - £1,368bn

7. Burnley - £398m

8. Newcastle United - £383m

9 . Leicester City - £378m

10. Southampton - £369m

11. Everton - £363m

12. West Ham United - £291m

13. Stoke City - £238m

14. Huddersfield Town - £231m

15. Brighton & Hove Albion - £224m

16. West Bromwich Albion - £223m

17. Watford - £214m

18. Crystal Palace - £200m

19. Bournemouth - £180m

20. Swansea City - £167m

Interesting Findings

Below are some other findings from the University's researched (Courtesy of BBC Sport):

  • United had the highest revenue in the league at £590m, with City second on £500m
  • Spurs have the lowest wage/revenue percentage in the division at 39%, while Palace's is the highest at 78%
  • Leicester and Arsenal's failure to qualify for the Champions League again saw their value fall
  • The Gunners made £120m profit on player sales
  • Burnley are described in the study as the "most sensibly run club in the Premier League financially"
  • Huddersfield have the lowest wages at £63m, with United's £296m the highest
  • Chelsea top the table for annual matchday income per fan at £1,791, with Huddersfield making the least at £201
  • Broadcast revenue accounts for 88% of Bournemouth's value - the highest in the league
  • Brighton saw a 148% increase in wages - the most in the league