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Thierry Henry vs Sergio Aguero: Has the Argentine surpassed the Frenchman?

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A Record-breaking weekend

Sergio Aguero has not for a second stepped his foot off the gas since he joined Manchester City in 2011, and when he scored two goals in his 31-minute debut, it seemed almost inevitable that he would break records.

In that debut year, the Argentine would go onto score 23 times in the Premier League and score one of the most famous goals in football history against Queens Park Rangers. Now, almost eight years on, Aguero has unsurprisingly, yet remarkably, surpassed Thierry Henry as the greatest foreign goalscorer in Premier League history.

This comes after the City star scored his 177th league goal against Aston Villa, putting him now two ahead of Henry in the list. What makes this all the more remarkable is the fact Aguero also broke the record for the most Premier League hat-tricks, surpassing Alan Shearer's 11.

The greatest

Aguero's numbers in English football are quite simply, astonishing. Each season, the former Atletico Madrid man has added more and more justification to the argument that he is the best to do it in the Premier League.

Now, with 177 goals to his name, the 31-year-old has the best minutes per goal ratio, scoring every 106 minutes. The closest to Aguero is in fact Harry Kane on 120 minutes per goal, whilst Henry is just behind on 121 minutes per goal.

There is then the games in which the Buenos Aires-born has scored in, such as his goal against QPR and his nine goals in Manchester derby's. Plus, the forward is just 31 short of the great Wayne Rooney on the list, which he could no doubt surpass by this time next year, considering his goal ratio.

The Streets Will Never Forget

Henry is forever going to be referred to as one of the greatest to ever step foot on an English pitch, regardless. His consistency in scoring season after season is what most players can only dream of, whilst he holds the record for the most Golden Boots, winning four of them.

Plus, whenever we talk about Henry, it is important to remember his unrivalled importance in the Invincibles squad, where he scored 30 goals.

There is just something special about Henry. He holds a cult status and almost every fan base has a soft spot for the Arsenal legend, despite the fact he probably scored against them. Just like the legends of the game such as Ronaldinho back then, Henry brought something new, changed an entire division, crafted his own footballing culture, and put himself on a throne that nobody else can touch.

So who did it better?

If you had put Henry in the dominant, free-scoring Manchester City team of this past decade, he may well have scored more than Aguero.

On the other hand, would Aguero have been able to win four Golden Boot awards at Arsenal in eight seasons? Perhaps. Ultimately, these two breathe success like no other overseas player in the history of the English game.

If you believe Aguero is the greatest to do it, fair enough. If you believe Henry is the best we have seen, that makes sense. In truth, all that separates them are individual feats, because their importance to their respective sides has been nothing short of spectacular.

The hardest part is picking who you would want in your team, as both of them will go down in folklore.