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Top-Flight Traits Survey: THE RESULTS

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The Footy Accumulators Betting Hub Top-Flight Traits Survey

All data is taken from the Footy Accumulators Betting Hub Top-Flight Traits Survey, which was taken by 2,000 supporters of Premier League clubs. 

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Arsenal fans most likely to boo their own team or leave a match early

If you’re an Arsenal fan, it’s time to look away now.

That’s because when it comes to such terrible traits as leaving a stadium early, betting against your club or even booing your own team, it's the Gunners supporters who are perceived to be the most likely to do just that.

Talk of a lack of atmosphere at the Emirates from rival supporters is nothing new, while Arsenal fans are also often claimed to be more fickle than your average supporter. And, our survey results only add further fuel to the fire by suggesting that the Arsenal faithful have some of the worst habits of any fan base in the Premier League.

The survey asked fans to answer questions around a most/least likely theme and reveals that 22% back the Gunners supporters as the most likely to boo their own team, with 20% stating Arsenal fans are likeliest to leave a stadium before the end of the match. At the same time, 9% picked the north London side’s fans as the most likely to bet against their own club. 


Midlands fans are alright

When it comes to the best supporters in the Premier League, it appears the Midlands is the place to be.

Leicester City fans were only picked by 1% of supporters to leave a stadium early - the least of all 20 clubs - while Wolverhampton Wanderers were least likely to boo their own team (0.4%). West Bromwich Albion supporters, meanwhile, were least likely to bet against their own team (1%).

Scousers sing their hearts out and wear them on their sleeve

With Liverpool renowned for their famous chants from the stands, 30% of respondents chose the Reds as the most likely crowd to sing at a match. We’ve all seen that famous Liver bird on a few pale British arms when on holiday, with Reds fans also voted most likely to have a tattoo related to their team (15.5%).

Southampton are supposedly the least likely to burst into song, with just 1% of fans picking them as most likely to sing, with Brighton fans the least likely to have their support confirmed in body ink.

Those Manchester United fans are everywhere, but would Leeds have taken more?

Manchester United fans are notorious for their faithful following across the globe, and our survey saw them picked as the most likely group of Premier League supporters to sell out an away end at a stadium.

With more than 100,000 people supposedly on a list for a Red Devils membership pass and with fans dotted across the UK, it’s likely they’ll always have supporters to travel to away stadiums in every part of the country for many years to come.

While Leeds fans have often proclaimed themselves to be the best away fans in the country, opposition fans ranked them the third most likely club to sell out an away end, with 8.59% of the vote.

On the other end of the scale, West Brom supporters were voted least likely to sell out an away end, with less than 1% of fans picking them (0.3%).

Liverpool the team for your Acca

As for the club that are a must-have in the accumulators for rival fans, Liverpool, once again, head the vote with 20.4% of respondents suggesting they were the least likely to let down your accumulator.

Elsewhere, they might be fighting it out for a league position this season, but Southampton and Wolves were also voted the sides most likely to let your accumulator down, with 0.95% of the vote each.