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WATCH: Ambulance breaks down on the pitch, players help to push it off

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Video courtesy of @Rupert_Fryer

Ridiculous scenes in Brazil!

Brazilian football is something that always delivers entertainment. Technical ability is2 evident all over the pitch when watching Serie A games, with some fantastic young players on display proving that the conveyor belt of top players is seemingly endless. Over the years we've seen some fantastic players emerge from South America and make the move to Europe where they've enjoyed some fantastic success. The Brazilian Serie A is very different to what we watch week-in-week-out in the Premier League and this weekend backed that up, with some bizarre scenes on the pitch.

Last night Flamengo and Vasco da Gama faced off in a league fixture which will be remembered for something completely out the ordinary. During the game an ambulance drove on the pitch to take off an injured player, but as it attempted to make its way off it broke down! Then in a ridiculous turn of events the players had to help it on it's way off the pitch by working together to push it! Honestly, it's the last thing you expect to see on the football pitch, especially when you consider that this is a top flight fixture!

Watch what unfolded below: (Video courtesy of @Ruper_Fryer)