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WATCH: On board police camera shows brutal extent of Copa Libertadores trouble

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Absolutely shocking scenes in Buenos Aires

There's some massive rivalries and derbies in world football which produce some titanic clashes on the pitch, but unfortunately this weekend River Plate and Boca Juniors weren't able to do that. These two clubs based in Argentina's capital city of Buenos Aires have a long standing hatred which goes back years and years, so when it was revealed that they'd face each other in the huge Copa Libertadores it immediately captured the world and the cities attention. Games between these two are always fiery affairs and in a match as big as that fireworks were bound to happen. They played out a 2-2 draw in the first leg at La Bombonera which set this one up perfectly, but shocking scenes off the pitch have prevented a ball from even being kicked.

It was due to take place on Saturday but violence and an attack on the Boca team coach as it made it's way to River Plate's Estadio Monumental resulted in it getting postponed. It's reported that 2 Boca players passed out from the attack and some were left battered and bruised which is totally and completely unacceptable not just in football but in any way of life. They tried to play the game again on Sunday evening but AGAIN trouble prevented it happening which means that it needs to be re-arranged for a third time. The Argentinian football federation will be left seething and humiliated by these events and the fallout is going to absolutely massive, with FIFA apparently considering kicking them out of next years tournament.

A number of photos and videos of the shocking scenes have surfaced over the weekend and this one really caught out our attention. The police have been worked to the extreme over the weekend and one officers on-uniform camera captured some of the awful events as they escorted the Boca bus to El Monumental. This video shows the tens of thousands of fans on the streets trying to attack Boca and even police hitting them as they go past on motorcycles, they fought against the fans using tear gas, batons and rubber bullets, making it a full on war zone- it's quite incredible. .

Watch below: (Courtesy of @GerGarciaGrova)