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All 20 of the Premier League Mascots

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Arsenal - Gunnersaurus

Since 1993, the Gunnersaurus Rex has been a regular at both Highbury and the Emirates as Arsenal's official club mascot. The Gunnersaurus Rex made headlines in recent times due to his redundancy at the football club, with no fans able to see the great dinosaur character in action.

Thankfully, Mesut Ozil came to the rescue to pay his wages, only for the German to be left out of the club's Premier League squad a few weeks later.

Arsenal Gunnersaurus Mascot

Aston Villa - Hercules Lion

Aston Villa's mascot is a lion species named 'Hercules the Lion', named after the club's nickname, 'the Lions'. Hercules has been with the club for decades and was even sacked following the club's relegation to the Championship a few years back.

Bournemouth - Cherry Bear

Newly promoted Bournemouth are back in the Premier League this year and with that we see Cherry Bear return.

Probably the most controversial of the Premier League mascots - and that's not because bees and Burnley don't really mix! The mascot has been caught up in all sorts of trouble, from rugby tackling a fan when they encroached onto the pitch to being put in the stadium jail. Burnley don't play the most entertaining football but at least Bertie Bee is there to cause some mayhem during the dull moments.

Cherry Bear

Brentford - Buzz

Brentford FC's nickname is 'The Bees' so it's only fitting that their mascot reflects that. Their mascot is called Buzz and he's a Bee that can be found in the stadium on matchdays or making special visits around the community.

Brighton - Gully the Seagull

An easy choice for Brighton & Hove Albion. Located near the seafront, Brighton get their name from the birds that flock there every year: the Seagulls. 'Gully' would have be soaring high right now with a much improved Brighton side.

Brighton Gully the seagull Mascot

Burnley - Bertie Bee & Bella Bee

Burnley have two mascots, Bertie Bee and Bella Bee, with the latter being added as a Clarets mascot towards the end of the 2021/22 season.

Bertie was initially chosen as Burnley's mascot via a competition by their local newspaper, the Burnley Express just over 20 years ago - ironically though, the origin of this mascot was chosen due to the Clarets having a Hornet on their crest which is actually a wasp, not a bee!

Burnley Bertie Bee Mascot

Chelsea - Stamford & Bridget the Lion

Probably the best-named duo in the Premier League. The lion have been a big part of Chelsea's logo for some time and Stamford and Bridget represent it well, as the male and female lions at the club.

Chelsea Stamford the Lion Mascot

Crystal Palace - Pete the Eagle

Crystal Palace has two Eagle mascots: Pete the Eagle and Kayla the (real-life) Eagle. Kayla flies around the pitch before every home game and is quite unique to Crystal Palace. Pete, on the other hand, gets to do all the community stuff and walks around Selhurst Park on matchday as one of the coolest mascots out there.

Crystal Palace Pete the Eagle Mascot

Everton - N/A

Everton are the odd ones out in the Premier League. For some reason or another Everton don't have a mascot. It was Chang the Elephant, before that it was Mr Toffee but now they are in mascot limbo after moving on from the beer company as sponsors.

Fulham - Billy the Badger

The Cottagers are supported by a Badger, fitting in with the black and white colour scheme of their jerseys.

Fulham Billy the Badger Mascot

Luton Town - Happy Harry (Harry The Hatter)

Luton Town's mascot is called 'Happy Harry' and is a smiling man wearing a straw boater. This mascot derives from the club's nickname itself, as the Kenilworth Road club are known as 'The Hatters'.

Luton Town Harry The Hatter

Liverpool - Mighty Red

Liverpool is represented by the liver bird; one of the more easy decisions when thinking of a mascot. It's meant to bring the team good luck and Jurgen Klopp will be hoping for that this season as he looks to help secure another Premier League title.

Liverpool Mighty Red Mascot

Manchester City - Moonchester

One of the more ridiculous mascots. Manchester City don't really have anything obvious about them after they changed their badge from the eagle to the new(ish) Citizens badge, besides current wealth and a plethora of winners medals. However, they've used inspiration from their song, Blue Moon.

Manchester City Moonbeam Mascot

Manchester United - Fred the Red

One of the most iconic and popular mascots is Manchester United's Fred the Red. Fred may be the most popular due to the sear amount of Manchester United fans around the world and the huge marketing campaign they've got.

If you've ever been to Old Trafford, you'll witness some of the best dance moves from any mascot across the land.

Manchester United Fred the Red Mascot

Newcastle United - Monty Magpie

For Newcastle United, it would be strange for them not to have a magpie as a mascot. The Magpies have introduced a second magpie called Maggie, to appease the magpie logo.

Newcastle Monty Magpie Mascot

Nottingham Forest - Robin Hood

Nottingham Forest's mascot is called Robin Hood having returned back in 2018 after a three-year break.

Sheffield United - Captain Blade

Sheffield United's mascot derives from the club being from the 'Steel City' and the fact that the club is nicknamed as 'The Blades'. Although there is no direct explanation as to why the mascot is a pirate, this is most likely because a pirate would carry a blade.

Sheffield United mascot

Tottenham Hotspur - Chirpy

With their new stadium built, Tottenham Hotspur will be hoping that they can continue their charge up the league and finally win a trophy. Chirpy will be leading the fans if they finally do.

Tottenham Chirpy Mascot

West Ham - Hammerhead

Hammerhead is a part robot mascot. The club's websites claim Hammerhead scores goals like their former great striker, Vic Watson and West Ham United will be hoping Hammerhead can get his players performing just like their former goalscorer.

West Ham Hammerhead Mascot

Wolverhampton Wanderers - Wolfie & Wendy Wolf

Wolverhampton Wanderers had a much easier task when picking their mascot, as the writing is basically on the wall. Two wolves occupy the mascot role for the club, called Wendy (right) and Wolfie (left).

Wolves Wolfie Wolf Mascot