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£10k jackpot won TWICE in a week on free-to-play Fantasy5 as number of players double

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Starting off with a bang

Fantasy5, the world’s fastest growing fantasy football jackpot game, has announced its first three winners this week - handing out £20,000 to players in cash.

The free-to-play game puts players’ knowledge of the Premier League to the test to pick five players from five fixtures, who they believe will exceed set fantasy football points targets for a chance to win £10,000.

The exciting prediction game taking the fantasy football circuit by storm had their first winner last week – with Sheffield United’s John Fleck the unlikely hero for the player.

Yesterday, two more winners were announced - sharing the £10,000 weekly prize for each to take home £5,000.

Could the jackpot be won three gameweeks in a row? Sign up here to play

Daniel Harrison-Croft, 26, from Manchester, said he was “shocked” and “over the moon” to win the prize.

He said: “This is my fourth week playing Fantasy5. I started off getting none, the second week I got two and then last week, I got three. Then this week everything fell into place.

“Craig Dawson scored at the end of the Liverpool game. I turned the game off at 3-0, partly because I’m a United fan, but then my brother text me to say he’d scored. Then Patrick Bamford could have easily had a shot instead of slipping it into Harrison for a tap in at the end of the Leeds game. So it was very lucky.”

Daniel’s Winning Combination

  • Victor Lindelof -
    Target: 5.5 Points: 6
  • Nick Pope
    Target: 2.5 Points: 3
  • Craig Dawson
    Target: 5.5 Points: 7
  • Jack Harrison
    Target: 4.5 Points: 7
  • Robert Sanchez
    Target: 6.5 Points 7

Last weeks competition

Last week’s winner Taylan Cihan said the money had changed his life - allowing him to move plans of moving house forward by two years.

This week’s fixtures bring a new challenge to see if someone can be the third consecutive winner of the Fantasy5 jackpot.

Jacob Kalms, co-founder of Fantasy5, said: “The art of Fantasy5 is not in necessarily picking the best players, but finding the players who are due an exceptional game.

“We’re delighted to have seen three winners pick up the jackpot this week and congratulate all of them for taking the time to play and ultimately win the money.

“As the season goes on, I’m sure we’re bound to see another winner. It’s just a matter of when and not if.”

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The five matches in this round are:

  • Burnley vs Man City
  • Leeds vs Everton
  • Aston Villa vs West Ham
  • Liverpool vs Brighton
  • Tottenham vs Chelsea

Think you'd got what it takes to win? Head over to Fantasy5 and make your selections now!

*Deadline 6pm on Wednesday February 3rd

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