READ: Is this the end of Roman Abramovich's reign at Chelsea?

Is this the end of Roman Abramovich's reign at Chelsea?

Russian national Roman Abramovich current visa has expired and still is yet to be granted a new one. His lasted visa is classed as an "entrepreneurial visa" and is granted to foreigners set to invest in the UK, which Abramovich has done. However, with relations between the UK government and Russia application for visas have become much harder to obtain.

Most people will know Roman Abramovich for his influence on Chelsea football club. He bought the London based club for just £60 million back in 2003 and is a pioneer for wealthy investors coming into football. Before the Russian bought Chelsea most clubs were own by fans and local businessmen. Since he's invested over £1 billion in Chelsea and success has come with that investment. Many others have followed suit and replicated what Abramovich has done at Chelsea.

The Russian oligarch is reportedly the thirteenth richest man in the UK, worth around £9.3 billion. His large amount of wealth qualifies him for a tier 1 visa and unfortunately for him the government has started to look retrospectively into all tier 1 visas. This has come about since the UK and Russian relations have become strained after the suspected poisoning of a former Russian agent on UK soil.

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has grown frustrated at Chelsea

Roman Abramovich's visa application is being treated as a completely new one, which may require Abramovich to explain his source of wealth. To qualify, he needs to show that he's invested at least £2 million into the UK and that money has to come from a legal source. "Dirty money" has been the reason for application to be rejected in the past. Applications can also be rejected is the applicant doesn't control their money, the money has been obtained unlawfully or the applicant will not be part of the conductive public good. However, their is no suggestion of any wrong doing on Abramovich's part and his visa has been delayed purely do to the current relationship between the UK and Russia.

The Chelsea owner has missed some important games for the club and will visit the club very sporadically but it was expected that he'll attend the FA Cup final. With him not being able to obtain a visa this was not the case. He's involvement at the club has changed over the years and has not much say in the day-to-day running of the club. The businessman is very busy so has trusted employees at the club.

In recent season's Chelsea has begun to fall behind the likes of Manchester City and United in terms of spending. This has frustrated the current manager and will pose a problem for any manager coming in. It is clear Abramovich has the funds but rumours are starting that he no longer has the enthusiasm for the club and the game and that is way he Chelsea are falling behind the rest. This coming summer is one of the biggest of his era at Chelsea. After failing to gain qualification for the Champions League Conte is expected to leave and nine first team players futures are also in doubt.

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Eden Hazard is one of the many Chelsea players being linked away from the club this summer

If Abramovich does fail to get a visa it is not unheard of for foreign owners to oversee from outside the UK. Will we likely see him be granted another visa but this does not help Chelsea's hopes of challenging in the Premier League next season and investment will definitely be needed this summer.