Stevenage release kits for next season, and they're the worst we've ever seen

What were they thinking

With the new EFL season just a month away, almost every club have now released their new kits. Usually, new strips feature just a slight moderation to their previous design because, lets face it, there's not much you can change with a kit, is there?

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - words to live and die by.

Maybe change the shade of blue or red; maybe make the stripes or hoops a little thicker or thinner, but don't do anything drastic, keep the fans happy.

Things can become slightly more complex should the sponsor or manufacturer change, though, as we've seen with Manchester City's new kit for next season, where Puma have taken the reins from Nike and introduced a purple trim to correlate with the traditional sky blue; interesting move.

City's new kit features an interesting purple trim. (image:

The away kit is Haçienda-inspired and has divided opinion among supporters. We're big fans, mainly because Sergio Aguero will look like an Acid House enthusiast in it, with that bleach blonde hair of his, jumping into challenges and slotting home penalties, magical.

David Silva loves New Order, pass it on. (image:

Arsenal have played a blinder with their new Adidas kits, which offers a throwback to their early-90s strip sponsored by JVC. It's retro, ultra-slick and undoubtedly the nicest kit set to feature in next season's top-flight.

The promotional video which partnered the launch is fantastic, if you haven't checked it out yet then you really need to.

Stevenage though, of League Two, have had an absolute stinker with their new kits, that's the only way we can describe it to be honest.

It could well be the worst kit we've ever seen; the ridiculously thin stripes, the red sleeves, the horrific thick V-neck collar and perhaps most disturbingly of all, the Burger King sponsor. It's all just a complete tragedy, and we've not even got started on the away kit yet.

You want fries with that, sir? (image: FootyHeadlines)

The second strip looks as though a toddler has been let loose with red and yellow paint on a blank navy canvas after being fed three tubes of Smarties. Again the Burger King sponsor is prominent in the middle of the jersey, which is obviously terrible.

Hideous. (image: FootyHeadlines)

The Boro's CEO, Alex Tunbridge, said of the clubs recent rebrand and new kit: "We are really pleased with the progressive designs which Macron have created for us this season.

"Due to the recent rebrand and commercial agreement with Burger King, the kits will be available to supporters later than usual, however, we believe that they are well worth the wait.

"This is a really exciting season for the club and we hope these kits will be a part of an iconic campaign."

Glad someone likes it.

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