WATCH: Cyprus captain ruthlessly takes out opposition attacker in draw with Slovenia

Cyprus captain Jason Demetriou was clearly sick of chasing Slovenia's counter-attack as he lunged into an opposing attacker

Conceding in the eighty-third minute, it looked likely that Cyprus' lead over Slovenia could end up resulting as a defeat after originally leading from the thirty-seventh minute. This was even more troubling to Cyprus after Grigoris Kastanos was sent off in the sixty-sixth minute, with it being fortunate that Atalanta attacking midfielder Josip Llicic was sent off in the ninetieth minute, but Southend United defender Jason Demetriou had to assure the point taken away from home when they faced another fierce attack late into stoppage time.

The entire match had seen plenty of frightening counter-attacks from Slovenia, so when it was happening again in the ninety-sixth minute, Demetriou jockeyed the opposing attacker before getting sick of the whole tirade and launching into his legs to take an unsurprising and deserved straight red. It's expected he would have been aware of how dangerous the tackle was and how much of a clear foul it was, but he still put in the effort to plea to the referee, making the whole ordeal even more bizarre.

See the full clip below:

(Video Courtesy of @Mr_Mark_Brown)