WATCH: Diego Costa wakes his brother up with fireworks!

Video courtesy of @AtleticoFans

Diego Costa gives his brother a rude awakening!

Diego Costa may be playing his football outside of England these days but he's still a man who makes the headlines regularly. The Atletico Madrid man departed England just over a year ago and saw in the new one in pretty hilarious style, getting one over his brother Jair. Whilst he was sleeping, Diego quietly snook into the room where he was sleeping and placed a pan full of fireworks next to him. We have no idea how he didn't wake him as if it was us we would've been laughing far too loudly!

After placing the pan next to him on the bed he takes a few steps back as the fireworks explode everywhere and Jair shoots into life! It's safe to say that it took him by surprise! We all know how explosive Diego Costa can be on the pitch but to see this really lets you see the funnier side to him and we're pretty sure that his brother will be looking to get him back soon!

See the fireworks for yourself here - video courtesy of @AtleticoFans