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WATCH: Jordan goalkeeper scores from his own area!

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What a hit!

We've seen some cracking goals over the course of the weekend from both the Football League and various international competitions, but this one is by far and away the best. Jordan and India took each other on in an international friendly which would be quite easy to miss when looking through the fixtures on Saturday, with some big games such as Italy v Portugal taking place. But somehow this match managed to become one of the most talked about of the weekend, due to an absolutely stunning goal from Jordan's GOALKEEPER of all people.

Mid-way through the first half an India attack fizzled out which was collected by Jordan goalkeeper Amer Shafi. The 36 year-old then got his head up and punted the ball forwards, he got a ridiculous amount of power on the ball which saw it fly down the pitch. As it travelled the opposition goalkeeper got increasingly concerned and tracked back to his goal, but the bounce of the ball saw it fly over his head and go into the net! Shafi has 139 caps for the Jordan national team and has enjoyed a magnificent career, but he's never scored from his own box before so he's written a bit of history!

See what happened HERE: