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WATCH: Spurs fans get their first look around the new stadium

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Courtesy of @SpursOfficial

Spurs' new home is almost there

It's been one of the stories of the season so far, but it now looks like Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium is almost there. The club have been hit by several delays which have pushed back the opening date by months, with them originally scheduled to open it against Liverpool back on 15th September. Such has been the problems with getting the new ground open, it's been reported that there's been a soaring increase in cost which could push the eventual figure up to the £1 billion mark, which is absolutely jaw dropping, especially when they've apparently had to borrow £237m extra to get it over the line.

But despite the negativity and massive costs, it looks like they have a fantastic stadium on their hands. On Monday Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) tweeted a video which showed a select number of fans being given special access to see the new ground in the flesh for the first time and the overall reception was very good - with all the supporters wowed by it! It looks like an almighty upgrade on the old school White Hart Lane and they're confident that once their side get in their new home, they'll be able to make it a fortress.

Spurs new stadium looks like an impressive, modern creation but it also includes plenty of traditional with their trademark cockerel on top of the stadium, along with the old White Hart Lane centre-spot marked for fans to reminisce - take a look for yourself below: (Courtesy of @SpursOfficial)