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WATCH: Referee scores worldie during game!

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WATCH: Referee scores worldie during game!

There can’t be too much enjoyment that comes from being a football referee.

It's a poisoned chalice, with regardless of which way the result a game goes, the blame will always ultimately fall on your shoulders from one side.

Not only that, but it's the players who get to have all the fun, with the referees being forced to watch on and give the decisions that ultimately can decide the fate of a match. The most fun they get to have is brandishing cards or, if you’re Mike Dean, celebrating goals that have come from an advantage.

However, one ref had enough of only being the one with the cards and whistle during this brilliant clip, as the ball rolled temptingly in their direction. Instead of letting the ball go past, the referee decided to launch a strike at goal - and found top bins in doing so!

Watch below as this referee brilliantly pulls off what so many wearing the all-black uniform will have been tempted to do on many occasions.