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What is the meaning of a BTTS bet?

Both Teams to Score, or BTTS, to give it its often-used shortened name, is a method mostly used in football. The BTTS market is simple on the surface but offers several intricacies which can provide a betting experience like no other.

The premise itself is self-explanatory: if both teams score and you selected ‘Yes’, your bet will come in regardless of which teams wins the match, or even if it finishes as a draw. If one team scores or both teams fail to score, and you betted on ‘No’, your bet will also come in. It doesn’t matter how many goals have been scored, either.

In the 2018-2019 Premier League season, both teams found the net in 51.3% of the 380 total matches. The options are limitless and huge money can be gained if it is spent shrewdly. The market is simple and straightforward, and it is about predicting clean sheets just as much as goals.

Team stats betting

1Crvena Zvezda
100.0%44Man City (H)
100.0%44Young Boys (H)
100.0%33Sevilla (H)
100.0%33Lens (A)
5Bayern München
100.0%33Man Utd (A)

BTTS betting on Football explained

The beauty of BTTS betting is that the punter’s bet is valid until the last minute of the match – but the bet could also be won inside a matter of minutes with an early goal for both sides.

BTTS bets are almost exclusive to football and is one the most popular bets on a busy Saturday afternoon or midweek programme. All bookmakers offer BTTS betting, from Sky Bet to Paddy Power.

As well offering great value, you can add value to your BTTS by combining it with bets from other markets. It can be chosen on its own, as well as coincided with, for example, Over/Under, Correct Score or Match Result.

BTTS opens up a whole different approach to betting compared to simply choosing a winner or loser. It is a viable alternative to Over/Under, which can be won by just one team scoring.

An additional benefit of BTTS betting is the extraordinary amount of statistics available to support you in making your selection. Goals scored, clean sheets, line-ups, head-to-head records, current form and much more should be considered. Research is vitally important in putting on your BTTS bet.

There variants of a BTTS bet include: Match Result & BTTS, BTTS in Both Halves and BTTS and Over/Under.

Here is a breakdown of the different ways to put on a BTTS bet:

BTTS: The original and simplest version of the bet. The punter selects whether both teams will score or not by selecting the fixture and clicking on ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The odds vary the least amount when putting on a single BTTS bet.

BTTS and Win: What does BTTS and win mean? This is where you choose whether or not both teams will score in the match as well as the outcome of the game itself. There are six options: Yes and Home Win, Yes and Away Win, Yes and Draw, No and Home Win, No and Away Win, and No and Draw. These variants are obviously harder to forecast, but the odds are usually far more attractive.

BTTS in Both Halves: Sometimes the odds offered on BTTS betting can be underwhelming so punters may opt for a slightly more rewarding bet. It only offers worthwhile odds when ‘Yes’ is chosen and requires both teams to score in the first and second half. However, the possibility of selecting ‘No’ after a high-scoring first-half affair can yield fantastic results.

BTTS and Over/Under: A combination of BTTS and Over/Under betting which requires the punter to bet on the amount of goals scored and whether both teams are on the scoresheet.

Wednesday's BTTS Treble

Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace
  • AFC Bournemouth
    AFC Bournemouth
    Wed 06 Dec
  • Both Teams To Score - Yes

    BTTS has occurred in four of the last five games for both Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.

    Manchester United
    Manchester United
  • Chelsea
    Wed 06 Dec
  • Both Teams To Score - Yes

    BTTS has occurred in all of the last four games for Chelsea & in all of the last four meetings between these two sides.

    Aston Villa
    Aston Villa
  • Manchester City
    Manchester City
    Wed 06 Dec
  • Both Teams To Score - Yes

    BTTS has occurred in all of the last five games for Aston Villa & in all of the last four games for Manchester City. BTTS has also occurred in all of the last five meetings between these two sides.


    Do extra-time goals count in BTTS bets?

    No. BTTS betting only includes 90 minutes plus injury time so be wary when betting in knockout competitions like the Champions League, FA Cup or League Cup as goals scored in extra-time will not be included in your bet.

    Wednesday's BTTS in Both Halves Tip

    Aston Villa
    Aston Villa
  • Manchester City
    Manchester City
    Wed 06 Dec
  • BTTS In Both Halves - Yes

    BTTS in Both Halves has occurred in two of the last four games for Manchester City & also occurred last time out for Aston Villa too. BTTS has occurred in all of the last five games for Aston Villa & in all of the last four games for Manchester City. BTTS has also occurred in all of the last five meetings between these two sides.


    Example of a BTTS bet:

    Few markets allow the punter to be as creative as in BTTS betting. Unlike the more traditional outright and correct score bets, BTTS betting ensures the bet is never over until the final whistle. For example, if Manchester City are leading Swansea City 4-0 at half-time, an outright bet is all-but over. But in this case, BTTS betting keeps you in the game right until the end, as there is always the chance of a late consolation goal that would see you quids-in. Alternatively, the bet can come in very quickly if both teams score early on. It never fails to throw up thrills and suspense.

    BTTS betting also helps make one-sided affairs more interesting. For example, in Southampton’s home games last season 79% of their games resulted in both teams scoring – despite the Saints winning just five league games at St. Mary’s Stadium.

    In contrast, when there is no clear favourite to win a match outright, it opens the door for more appealing odds. For example, if there’s very little between two teams and the odds are unspectacular, you can explore the many options BTTS betting offers.

    An example of a BTTS bet:

    Scunthorpe United v Leicester City

    • Both teams to score: Yes - 8/11 No - 1/1

    The odds indicate that it is more likely both teams will score than not. However, these are the odds for BTTS and win:

    • Scunthorpe United and Yes - 9/1
    • Draw and Yes - 9/2
    • Leicester and Yes - 13/8
    • Scunthorpe and No - 14/1
    • Draw and No - 16/1
    • Leicester and No - 7/5

    Obviously, these bets are more difficult to predict but yield much higher odds. For example, selecting ‘No’ for BTTS offered odds of evens but in addition to a draw, the odds hike up to a much more appealing 16/1.

    Using BTTS selections in an accumulator bet

    Using BTTS betting in an accumulator betting tip is an extremely popular method as it doesn’t require the punter to bet on a match result, which is obviously more difficult to predict. Accumulator bets can offer higher odds and often see phenomenal results when they come off.

    Using Accumulator bets on BTTS betting can include all the variables listed above with the choices left up to you. For example, you can opt for ‘Yes’ on BTTS in both halves and ‘No’ on BTTS and the result to finish as a draw. Using these variables in accumulators can increase the odds significantly.

    Where can I find tips for BTTS?

    If you're looking to get involved in BTTS bets but aren't sure on what selections you'd like including then take a look at our BTTS tips pages for more insight an help:

    Also make sure to select a free bet from our offers page to make sure you make the most out of your BTTS predictions